Communism is pure evil.

- It has killed over 100 million people.
- It has no freedom of speech.
- It has no freedom of religion.
- It steals people's property and money.

So why is there still people in academia and media pushing this ideology?

Because they have an agenda.

White People: realize charges of "racism" "anti-semitism" and "oppression" are nothing more than psychological warfare to prevent you from taking your own people's side.

Their only aim is to push the whites into poverty and to ensure that we have 0 participation in the economy

IF you have the ability to please only employ whites and do business with white companies and free yourself from trade unions, strikes and unreasonable demands

Michael Cardo@michaelcardo

More regressive race-based legislation on the way: the ANC wants the Minister of Employment and Labour to regulate sector specific "numerical EE targets" (otherwise known as quotas).

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