Just got home after guarding a white farmer on his farm. He received death threats from the black community staying illegally on his farm because he obtained an eviction order.

Can't wait for them to try something.

Ons is nie net moeg nie
Ons is gatvol....
Ons is gatvol mense wat vir ons preek en ons rasiste noem as ons nie saam stem met hul idee daarvan nie
Ons is gatvol vir die korrupsie
Ons is siek vir die moorde wat oorals gepleeg word in hierdie land
Ons is gatvol vir die ANC https://t.co/B4Wvpxc681

Dear @MYANC @CyrilRamaphosa @PresidencyZA @DlaminiZuma @tito_mboweni Is this what you had in mind when you’ll be marching against racism? https://t.co/YAutVOiiQq

Does the world know who Collins Khosa is? Does the world know who Marzanne Kruger is Willemien Potgieter, Wiehan Botes, Kayla Meyer to name a few. Do they know that some times up to 10 farm murders take place in 1 week in SA and then Ramaphosa denied it


Urgent warning
With grieve, we acknowledge 5 farm attacks and one farm murder within 24 hours.
Please arm yourself and do not be afraid too safeguard yourself and shoot on sight. You are the first line of defence.
Fight back or be prepared to be removed by a stainless steel bin.

Ek is moeg vir hierdie "Celebs" wat oor mekaar val om eerste te deugsyn oor "BLM", maar niks sal sê as hulle EIE MENSE aangeval word op plase nie.

Van nou af verwys ons na hulle as VERRAAIERS, HENSOPPERS en JOINERS.

Hulle het hulle kant gekies. Nou moet hulle die nagevolge dra. https://t.co/39NSBSUJIy

Farm Attack 6/6/20: Reivilo, North West: Elderly couple brutally attacked. Kettle filled with boiling water poured over male victims back. This is what the lady looked like after attack.


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