@ConCaracal @DaanBarnard @afriforum South African government reports crime stats the same way the Chinese report virus stats ๐Ÿค

There is no hope for South Afrika.

Even with very extreme changes (which won't happen), it will take the country more than 50 years to get back to a normal state, but it will never again be a first-world country.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talking about the disaster Expropriation Without Compensation will be in South Africa.

(UN Economic Comission for Africa)

#SouthAfrican crime:
21000+ murders a year
41500 rapes (116 rapes per day)
140000 robberies
22000 house robberies
16000 vehicle hijackings
But hey, let's boogie!

Something seriously wrong with our media in #SouthAfrica a woman and her kids burned to death this should be a national outcry but they take their orders from the ANC & EFF shame on you SA MSM! #TheWorldMustKnow https://t.co/HL2coXMd08

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