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Glen Offer asked 2 jare ago

I am currently a Citizen of Zuidland, and am intending to return in 2021/22 to settle once more in the land of my birth. I am looking to retire with my wife on a smallholding, ( +/- 6000 sqm near Heidelberg) where we intend to be self sufficient/sustainable. My concern is, that at the current rate of collapse, a huge number of Citizens (Afrikaners) will need to have an assembly point to head to, and whilst I would offer as much support as I can, I would not be able to sustain very many indefinitely. I have discussed the possibility with my wife, of buying up a large tract of land, near a dependable water source, and dividing the land up into family sized plots to support a \”collective\” type farming protocol, with the intention of supplying a \”Co-op\” for storage and distribution when the influx begins. As you can see from my timeline, this is only in two years time, with at least a year, before any meaningful crops can be harvested. I am not a farmer, and would be relying on the other \”Boere\” to laugh at my mistakes, and give me a pointer in the right direction, as their experience is priceless. It has become apparent, that a lot of different leadership groups, do not have \”joined up\” thinking regarding the coming crisis. Suidlanders have a \”refugee\” plan, but again, the logistics of sustaining hundreds of thousands of people, is a huge undertaking, and i do not believe there is sufficient stockpiling in force, hence my wanting to do something about it. I note from one of your videos, that you were in conversation/contact, with an SADF Staff Officer, who specialised in Logistics, so hopefully the question below is easily answered. My question therefore is. Are there any short term logistics in place for the coming exodus from the cities? Regards Glen Offer (74766189BG)