The ‘BOERELEGIOEN’ is a non-political civil defense movement which is managed by retired members of the South African Police and SA Defence Force. Our goal is to make use of expertise in every field of competence, through guidance, training, and leadership, in order to fulfill the functions of the decommissioned commando system. In light of the current climate of crime and unrest, we see it as the only way we can protect and safeguard our local communities nationwide. 
The ‘BOERELEGIOEN’ strives to restore the spiritual and moral integrity of the ‘Boere’ nation, which is embedded within the pride of the people and a historic feature of the ‘Boere’ nation. We undertake to restore all aspects of culture, which are already for a period of time systematically being undermined from outside and from within, through educating and nurturing it to its former self. This includes our language, history, and our norms and values. Furthermore, we strive to equip the ‘Boere’ nation spiritually and
physically, in order for them to prepare to fight the current and future attacks and face the difficulties with the same resolve and courage shown by our ancestors, whose legacy and reputation we proudly hold, during times of great hardship and various wars.
At the ‘BOERELEGIOEN’, we aim to achieve this by creating an atmosphere internally where each member, regardless of their financial capabilities, health status, gender or age, can himself or herself, at home and in the community, feel safe and secure. Herewith we
will, through mutual respect, with a shared love of our nation, and close adherence to the moral norms and values which our ancestors have held, work together to create a better home and future for our children and grandchildren. Through creating awareness and education, in cooperation with other like-minded groups, we will collectively equip our people to secure, protect, and defend themselves against the attacks on us, now and in the future.

To gather and equip the ‘Boere’ people which consist of every conceivable organization and body as a national passive People’s Defensive Force, displayed as a consolidated force in their diversity and demonstrating resistance against the increasing and promised hatred and violence against the population.

To keep our citizens prepared in response to the threat by organising them into platoons as self-defense groups, training them and empowering them against attacks from murder gangs, armed robbers and ideologically driven political aggressors.
To use competent military veterans who will assist the increasingly dysfunctional government to identify, detect, infiltrate and hand over to justice the murdering gangs, armed robbers; and the ideology-driven political violent.
To gather platoons from the military disciplines into visible public parades with other organizations where recognition is given of the good work done and the role played in the safety of the ‘Boere’ people in towns, cities, and farms in the RSA.