Boerelegioen – Why Join?

Strength in Unity

Boerelegioen is a civil defense movement that enable the citizens to resist the promised slaughter of whites in RSA  as well as the theft of their property.
The movement is focused on the establishment of civil safety groups that will overcome the onslaught of the EFF, Black-First-Land-First and other hostile groups.
The Boerelegioen is also focused on forming tactical and investigative units.  These unit will assist SAPD, Justice department and other orginisations with the identification, tracking and successful  prosecution of the hit squads that continue to murder innocent boere in towns, cities and farms. 
The Boerelegioen strive to enable citizens to function with military discipline under the command of military specialists, in order to prepare for the occasional protest action and military parades where there will be recognition given to group and individual contribution to the safety and defense of the boer nation.
The Boerelegioen is proud to announce its Boere Business Index.  It is the first step in assisting our people to free themselves from the tyranny of  BEE and BBBEE.  We urge white-owned businesses to advertise on our platform (Click here or on the button) and we also urge all our members and others to support these white-owned businesses.  We will be rolling out more initiatives within the coming months to ensure economic freedom for our people

Get Involved

We embrace everything that the law allows us and use this to prepare ourselves against the onslaughts on us.  It is our right to defend ourselves and our loved ones, especially where the authorities lack the capability or the will to do so.

  • Complete your application form here

  • Attend an information session

  • Join a town platoon

  • Do your induction training

  • Attend various training sessions

  • Establish a communication network

 Your support and contribution makes us stronger