by Sanet Henning

Training and Development On Line / On Site / In Class Training. In order to reach all learners, we developed our courses and qualifications through...

 Kursusse en opleiding/Courses and training /  Gauteng / 24 views / Popular

by Hercules Joubert

Visit our site to view details of the training provided to individuals and groups. Click here for course details.

 Kursusse en opleiding/Courses and training /  Gauteng / 134 views / Popular

by Sonja Kruger

We are a firearms training center and we also specialize in CQB training our shooting range is in Krugerdorp and its called Black duck shooting...

 Wapen Opleiding/Weapons training /  Gauteng / 129 views / Popular

by Leon Myburgh

Ons verskaf  Scenario Gebasseerde Selfverdediging Opleiding aan maatskappye, volwassenses en kinders. C.O.B.R.A.™  is die wereld se voorste selfverdediging handelsmerk en is ontwikkel deur ‘n voormalige Amerikaanse Polisie en...

 Selfverdediging/Self defence /  Freestate / 148 views / Popular

by Lionel Weich

Opleiding vir operateurs op alle krane en vurkhysers. Opleiding vir alle operateurs op grondverskuiwings masjiene. OSH ACT Opleiding. Bestuurs opleiding. Tegniese opleiding in die werkplek....

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by Alexander Robertson

We can assist you with training in respect of cargo insurance, Incoterms 2020 rules plus all other logistics knowledge you may require in respect of...

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by Arno Van der Walt

Wilddogs tactical training Academy welcomes u to the best self-defence and combative tactical training. Wilddogs provides the following training. Self-defence - Hand to hand defence -...

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by Cherylin Botha-Louw

Ons gee kunslesse aanlyn asook You Tube videos - Basics with Botha om jou te leer van basies af hoe om te verf Ons doen...

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by Dirk Visser

Leerling lisensie opleiding: Kode 02 (Motorfiets), 08(Ligte voertuig), 10(Trok), 11 (Ligte voertuig en trailer), 14(Trok en trailer) Bestuurs lisensie opleiding: Kode 02 (Motorfiets), 08(Ligte voertuig),...

 Bestuurskole/Driving schools /  Gauteng / 181 views / Popular

by NicoleneRossouw

Proficiency Training Basic (Personal) and Intermediate (Business purposes) handgun, shotgun, self loading and manually operated rifle training. Additional Services Basic Reloading: Handgun/Rifle Advanced reloading: Rifle...

 Wapen Opleiding/Weapons training /  Gauteng / 336 views / Popular