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Wilddogs tactical training Academy welcomes u to the best self-defence and combative tactical training.

Wilddogs provides the following training.

Self-defence – Hand to hand defence

– Knife defence

– Gun defence

– Anti Rape

– Hand to hand Combat and knife fighting

Combative shooting

Tactical training

Urban warfare

Bush warfare


Assault weapon and side operation

Team operations

Family protection seminars and training

Arresting techniques and Communication

For any information regarding the training please feel free to contact me.

U can visit my facebook page Wilddogs tactical training academy

or visit www.Kalahcombat.co.za for more info on Kalah system.

Wilddogs- Prevent, Protect, Prepared

God first, Responsability, Reality, Ego gone.





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Lime Acres Suni 12 8410Northen Cape,South Africa,8410 0793480401 / 0604260932 wilddogs.tta@gmail.com

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