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To The Point Consulting
IT & Security Consulting

We all have insurance

– Especially for our business assets. We have insurance, as it gives us peace of mind. We have insurance, as it gives us a safety net, for when problems happen.

– We need insurance, as a backup. To gain a replacement for what we have, or at the worst… What we had.

– The world is changing, and we need to change with it.

– Everything is moving towards computers and automization of processes. Therefor, Insurance on your computer captured data, is critical to the longevity and prosperity of your business.

The Problem

– Because more businesses are moving towards computers being used in an “everyday business environment” the problem started to reveal itself.

– People do not realize that a computer cannot last forever.

– Like any piece of machinery, the moving parts fail somewhere along the line.

– When this happens, most of the time, your precious data, is gone…

– Your plans, Your link to your clients, Your presentation, Your pitch, Your spreadsheets, Your marketing strategies and all the information you’ve worked so hard to keep safe and together… is gone.

– Big and well-known companies around the globe, like Adobe, eBay, linkedIn, My Space, Yahoo and many more have had this problem.

– October 2013, Adobe had a breach on their systems and lost the data of 153million user records, which included usernames, Identification documents, Credit card information and passwords. As a result, it cost them over R12million in legal fees

– May 2014, eBay was breached, 145million user accounts was lost, and for 229 days the culprits had complete access to the user database.
– 2012 and 2016 LinkedIn. 165million user accounts leaked.

– 2013 My Space, 360million user accounts breached and went up for sale to the highest bidder.

– 2013-14 Yahoo, 3billion user accounts lost, called the biggest data breach in history. Now the question is…

– What did they all have in common?
ONE MINDSET…. “It will never happen to me”.

What if

– What if this happened to your company?
– What if you had insurance on your data?
– What if you took action, before the problem revealed itself?
– What if you planned ahead?
– What if you could make sure that this problem isn’t a concern?

Who are we, and what do we offer?

To The Point Consulting (TTPC) is an information technology and security consulting entity, that prides itself in confidentiality, loyalty, transparency and trust.
TTPC offers a service that is pro-active and believes in the phrase, “Prevention is better than cure”.
TTPC offers peace of mind.
TTPC offers insurance for your valuable data.
TTPC offers a safeguarding solution for the information that makes your company stay alive.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you stay ahead of the problem.

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